See what happens when you make this small change to your lifestyle!

Research is showing that happy families eat less sugar !!

This can be your family too!
The better your eating habits are the happier you are as a family. This has been recently confirmed in a study published in the journal Caries Research. The research led by Queen Mary University in London looked at 1,174 children aged 3 and 4 with their parents. The results showed that the children of functional families were 67% less likely to consume more than 4 intakes of sugary foods and drinks per day than children from less functional families.

Study leader Professor Marcenes believes that a functional family provides comfort and stability he goes on to explain further, “In contrast, dysfunctional families are a major source of frustration and stress – and this can lead to high sugar consumption in search of the ‘feel-good’ effect.”
A few simple tips to make this change

  1. Instead of buying diluted or fizzy drinks instead buy natural unsweetened juices, even better juice your own fruit. My kids love to drink home made smoothies and juices. Water and Milk should also be encouraged.
    click here for some juicing ideas
  2. Don’t add sugar to breakfast cereals, tea or coffee. You can reduce this by half, then quarter and then eliminate it completely. There are enough sugars in breakfast cereals already.
  3. Instead of buying packets of biscuits try raisins, rice crackers, grapes or home made flapjacks as healthy treats.

You need to try this for at least one month to see if it works for you.
Stay healthy and eat well !