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I’m Mary Carmody, a qualified and established Nutritionist (Dip NT, MNTOI) practicing since 2010 and a lover of all things related to food!  I have a true passion to help people become healthier and more energised and to help my clients find the healthiest version of themselves in a simple and practical way.

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Food Intolerance or Allergy Tests

Order a Health Test to discover your food intolerances or food allergies and how this affects you.

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Corporate Nutrition & Mindset Programmes offering Talks, Courses & Health Testing

Nutrition and Mindset Programmes

Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed or Anxious? Book a Nutrition & Mindset Programme with Mary.


What clients are saying

The energy and positivity Mary brought was great. The virtual sessions were popular amongst employees and were a welcome distraction during COVID-19. I would highly recommend her.
Gary Lane
Boston Scientific
Mary arranged for me to take the Lorisian Food Intolerance test and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Super easy to do & the results came back very quickly. Everything was very well explained and has made a HUGE difference to my life. What I was told for years was IBS turned out to be an intolerance. Mary is so helpful and knowledgeable and guided me through the whole process. Don’t hesitate!
Sally O'Leary
I had a consultation with Mary 2 months ago and she put me on a dairy free diet which I have stuck with so far 🤞and it has been brilliant so far, I would highly recommend Mary to my friends and family.
John O'Neill
My fiance had gone to Mary previously and was amazed with the results so I decided to go in March 2021 to see what would turn up for me on the Food Intolerance Test. I always had suspicions that I was intolerant to some things but needed confirmation. It's now nearly two weeks since I've got my results, I'm down over 9lbs and feel way more energetic. Mary provided two sample food plans and gave me some great ideas to try. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, the process was really easy and all done online! I got my test kit within a day or two of first contact. The results and the online consultation were a few days later. Thanks Mary!
Ross Bateman