Corporate Food Intolerance and Health Testing

So many people can go their entire life suffering from symptoms such as IBS, bloating, feeling tired, ¬†without even considering a food intolerance or allergy test or any other health test. My “Bespoke” food intolerance tests have helped thousands of people over the years, to identify their food sensitivities and optimise their diet and health. Mary can do the same for You and your company with her array of health tests now available.

Did you know that food intolerances can cause inflammation of the digestive system, reduce the absorption of nutrients in the body. This can result in migraines and headaches, sinus issues, stomach pain, digestive issues and tiredness which all reduce the ability of your staff to perform optimally in their job

The Health Testing I provide for Your company includes:

  • Blood “finger prick” Food Intolerance Tests, Food and Environmental Allergy Testing, Menopause Testing, Inflammation “CRP” Tests, Stress “Cortisol” testing, Female Hormone Testing and the Essential Health test
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Recipes & Guidance around food
  • Nutrition & Product recommendations
  • Full support from a qualified and experienced nutritionist
Corporate Health Testing Mary Carmody Nutrition

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