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"I can support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Let's begin the journey and empower you to make positive changes."

Mary Carmody Nutritionist Cork Ireland award programmes nutiriton consultant

Hi! I'm Mary Carmody

For more than 10 years I have been providing quality-assured and accurate food intolerance tests to my clients while helping them to improve their health and address issues and challenges in their lives. My services now also include Allergy testing and DNA Health Testing and I will continue to add in the newest tests to ensure I provide my clients with the most up to date testing products. These tests can form the beginning of a journey, and empower you to make positive changes to your daily diet and environment.

Incorporated into my programs is the world leading QTT (Quantum Training Technology) approach which is a highly practical tool which helps deliver positive mindset change and achieve this quickly. Following my training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I have enhanced my Mindset Programmes which bring about positive change in my clients lives. Completing QQI Level 6 Coaching Models of Practice course has brought tools & techniques to my skillset that have transformed my own health and will also transform yours!

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Food Intolerance or Allergy Tests

Order a Health Test to discover your food intolerances or food allergies and how this affects you.

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I can support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Let's begin the journey now and let me empower you to make positive changes for lasting lifelong postitive results

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Corporate Nutrition & Mindset Programmes offering Talks, Courses & Health Testing

I have a true passion to help people become healthier and more energised and to help my clients find the healthiest version of themselves in a simple and practical way.

Mary's Story

Mary grew up in Kerry and moved to Cork in 1990 where she worked in banking and later in sales in the drinks industry selling champagne, spirits and wine.  Mary loved her job in sales but always felt she would prefer to be selling something that she truly loved and believed in so in 2006 while on maternity leave Mary started to study Nutrition as she had a keen interest in it and knew she was always helping her customers to feel healthier when she called to them by mentioning to take Vitamin C or to eat more fruit and veg etc and it always worked for them so in 2010, Mary moved from recommending Mojitos to Smoothies! by setting up Mary Carmody Nutrition where she followed her true passion to help people feel healthier with good food and healthy lifestyle changes.

Mary is a busy mum to 3 beautiful children and wife to Stephen. She understands the importance of making manageable changes and also how healthy food must be tasty, easy and quick to prepare.  Mary doesn’t enjoy cooking long meals herself but does like to stay healthy so she makes simple healthy snacks and simple meals and in 2019 she launched her own very simple you tube channel to help people make quick simple healthy snacks.  

Since 2010, Mary has helped thousands of people to effectively get healthier and feel happier all over Ireland and further afield and in 2019 she was awarded Cork Nutritional Consultant of the Year with the Irish Enterprise Awards.  Mary has worked with private clients doing intolerance testing and Nutrition & Mindset programmes receiving referrals from doctors, consultants and previously happy clients either returning or recommending family and friends, corporate groups including VHI healthcare working with their corporate and VIP clients. Mary has also worked with the Hinckscentre and CIT Cork (now MTU) on the promoting of “My Healthy Town”  Programme in the Cork area.

Mary has a true love for all aspects of positive mental health and believes that its important to target health at all levels – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.  Mary contributes regularly to the media and practices what she preaches with her family and is truly sincere with her passion for good health. Mary’s enthusiasm for nutrition, new research-based knowledge, and her genuine love for people allows her work to be fun and enjoyable.

May works with a high degree of integrity, confidentiality and respect when dealing with clients.

Mary Carmody Nutritionist Carrigaline Cork Ireland award winner
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Mary Carmody Nutritionist Cork Ireland award winning programmes nutiriton
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Certifications, Degrees, and Experience

  • FETAC Certificate in Nutrition & Health – 2006
  • Registered Nutritional Therapist through the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI) 2009
  • Certificate in Training & Development through IITD 2010
  • Quantum Thinking Technologist (QTT) -Mind Experts Academy 2019
  • Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP)– Mind Experts Academy 2019
  • QQI Level 6 Coaching Models of Practice 2021
Mary Carmody Nutrition Ireland Carrigaline Cork NTOI registered member
QQI Mary Carmody Nutritionist Carrigaline Cork Ireland FETAC QQI 2
NLP Practitioner Cork Carrigaline Mary Carmody Nutrition
Mary Carmody Nutrition Quantum Thinking Technologist QTT Cork Ireland Carrigaline