I suffered for years with a blocked nose and was told by doctors that it was a sinus problem. I called to Mary and she did her food intolerance test and after a few days the results showed that I should eliminate dairy and one or two more foods from my diet. I have not looked back since and my nose is clear thanks to Mary.
Hi just to say I'm am so delighted to have had a consultation with Mary Carmody I had food intolerances/allergies to eggs, dairy products and wheat. None of which I was aware of until she took a blood test. I now have cut out all dairy products and feel so much better with my energy back. She went down every avenue to help me and gave me so much advice re my diet and even recipes which all helped greatly. I am so glad I visited her it was all so worthwhile. Keep up the great work Mary!!
My GP was insisting that I go on blood pressure tablets... I was resisting. I said I will to bring down my blood pressure by making lifestyle changes..simple -- I'll eat healthier and exercise more....every Monday I'd start...and by every Tuesday I had failed...again and again and again.... A friend suggested I make an appointment to visit Mary......that was 5 months ago and now I am 3 stone lighter -- my blood pressure is perfect 122/67 -- I feel fantastic -- I'm enjoying the taste of food and I'm never hungry... Thank you Mary
mid 50's | Cork
I wanted to lose 2 stone so I went to see Mary to see if she could help me give up all the bad food that I actually enjoyed – After just one month I was down 1 stone and I had so much energy and my skin was feeling really good – I would highly recommend Mary to help you lose weight.
Mid 30's | Cork City
Congratulations Mary. You changed my life with your advice and encouragement.
Sarah Conroy
40's Cork
I had no energy, had constant cravings and was a vegetarian who didn’t really like fish either. Mary then helped me to find new protein type foods which I had never heard about before including quinoa and tofu and she also helped me find nice fish dishes to enjoy, she also helped me choose snacks I really enjoyed and still do and she also helped me lose weight – I had tried so many other weight loss programmes before and none of them worked. I cannot thank Mary enough for all her help as she really motivated me to make these simple changes and I am feeling so well now.
Fermoy, Cork
I had absolutely no motivation to go and lose weight but iI made an appointment with Mary to see how she could help – iI never knew what to snack on except for a scone and jam and iI have now been seeing Mary for 3 months, I have lost 3 stone and my life has totally changed – I eat a breakfast every day, I eat 2 healthy snacks and I watch my portion sizes as much as possible and I am now a healthy BMI so thank you Mary.
Early 50's | Ballygarvan
Exceptional service offered by one of Ireland's leading Nutritionists. Mary's approach is highly effective and practical and is completely focused on each client as an individual. Have worked with Mary on both a personal and corporate basis and she is absolutely excellent.
30s | Douglas
Sometimes you just need a kick start and Mary Carmody was that exact kick start that I needed. Mary is so personable and such an expert on so many areas of nutrition. The plan that Mary put together for me is extremely easy to follow and worked in with a busy life style so I had no excuses and I am delighted to say I am still working to that same plan. Thanks Mary for such a fantastic service.
Mary Anne
I have tried all types of diets and none of them worked before. Since January, I have followed Mary’s diet and advice and found out which foods I was intolerant to and cut them out (I didn't know exactly what I was intolerant to until I did the test). I've lost two stone, look 15 years younger and have the energy levels I had when I was in my 30's. IT has been a total life transformation for me and I will keep it up now as I now know how to eat properly.
50's | Cork
Mary arranged for me to take the Lorisian Food Intolerance test and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Super easy to do & the results came back very quickly. Everything was very well explained and has made a HUGE difference to my life. What I was told for years was IBS turned out to be an intolerance. Mary is so helpful and knowledgeable and guided me through the whole process. Don’t hesitate!
Sally O'Leary
I had a consultation and intolerance test with Mary before Christmas and would highly recommend her services. Mary was lovely to deal with throughout and the whole process was very easy - all completed online, with the test itself being posted out to me. I figured out which foods to cut out (some which were a surprise), the right probiotics for me and Mary also gave great recipes. It took a few weeks to kick in but I have noticed a real difference and am delighted with the results!
Julie Andrews
I made an appointment with Mary Carmody because I was suffering from fungal nail infections and yeast infections and generally coming down with infections regularly despite eating a healthy diet. I already had my suspicions that I had a yeast overgrowth and had started to change my diet in some ways but I wanted to get some testing done to see what came up in the results. I was very shocked to find that I showed a strong intolerance to wheat, cow's milk and yeast. I was a little overwhelmed to discover that I would have to cut these out of my diet for a full three months and found this a daunting prospect. However, Mary was very helpful and informative and provided me with all the help I needed in terms of advice on foods to eat, foods to avoid and where to shop! I was also very impressed by the holistic approach that she adopted and she offered advice to try and improve other aspects of my life such as reducing stress and promoting relaxation. I have lost weight and feel so much better now and am a lot more positive now about my new diet and the alternatives that are out there to help. The whole experience has opened my eyes to a whole world of foods that I didn't know existed and I feel that I have learned a lot in the process. I would recommend anyone who suspects they may have a food sensitivity or intolerance to seek advice from Mary.
mid 50's | Cork
I came to Mary for a hair mineral analysis test as I was presenting with an array of strange symptoms which could be coming from a variety of things. My goal was to rule out some potential culprits and get a perspective of my biochemistry which isn't greatly represented in blood tests. I got in contact with Mary through email and ordered the test online and all in all the process was incredibly straight forward and Mary was very helpful in the case of me having a question. The test confirmed a lot of what I had thought, ruled out some suspicions and even presented some strange findings which makes the picture much more clear going forward. Overall I'm very happy I carried out this test and I'm very grateful that both Mary and the lab offer services like this, which gave insight into my biology which other tests didnt and provided investigation into matters which often go overlooked.