DNA Health Test

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A personalised analysis and report provides the essential information you need from your DNA, diet and lifestyle to tailor a weight-control program that can achieve real results.

  • Detailed analysis of the genetic markers influencing your weight
  • 16 health reports
  • Personalised recommendations for food to eat and nutrients your body needs
  • Ideal exercises to achieve and maintain your healthiest weight
  • Lifestyle plan to reduce health risks reported

Please note : Mary offers this as a test only. The test is completed and you will have access via an online platform to all your personalised reports and recommendations.

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Who is Optimal Health for?

Everyone. The Optimal Health reports are for anybody who cares about their future health and are ready to make positive changes.

Optimal Health is recommended if you are looking for small habits to change, want to know how your body responds to your diet, or to reduce your risk for some life-changing health problems. Optimal Health can unlock the knowledge that will guide you along your journey to reaching your optimal health. If you are interested in improving your overall health and wellness, you will benefit from these reports.

Discover how your genes, diet and lifestyle are impacting your Weight, Appetite, Sleep, Stress, Blood Sugar, Saturated Fat Balance, Cholesterol, Omega 3/6 Balance and Vitamin D. You will also discover if you are sensitive to caffeine and lactose and if you are more prone to inflammation. This information will help you build healthier habits for life to reduce disease-risk and improve wellness goals.

What do you get?

  • Optimal Health portal
  • Health and wellness consultation
  • 16 reports with risk scores and explanation
  • Wellness guides and tips
  • Ways for you to increase your nutritional intake dependant on your genetic and consultation results
  • Lifestyle plan to improve wellness and performance
  • Nutrition and diet plan
  • Exercise type

How Does it Work

STEP 1 : Place your order on and receive a DNA test kit through the post.
STEP 2 : Your DNA kit includes instructions on how to provide a DNA sample and to register the kit on the myDNAhealth portal.
STEP 3 : You place the swab back into the tube and post the kit back to myDNAhealth using the pre-addressed envelope.
STEP 4 : Identifies sensitivities and risks for deficiencies including stress, vitamin D, fats, sugars, caffeine and more