4 Week Online Nutrition & Mindset Programme

 4 weekly Nutrition & Mindset talks including a snack demo each week including smoothie, energy balls, hummus, quick salad/granola demos for you to try at home.

  • Energising & Mood Foods tips. Motivating tips on how to remain resilient and maintain good moods during changing times
  • Simple/Quick recipes for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and tips on how to manage a healthy weight/portion size control ….

The pressure to choose! It can be overwhelming to check out all the options and try to decide on the RIGHT ONE. Don’t worry we can also customize all of these programmes further as you might like to add in something or take something out depending on what you feel your employees most need right now…

We GET the importance of feedback, so we have plenty of it included here for you and if you need further details then that is also possible….

TESTIMONIAL what they said: Mary delivered a 4 week Virtual Nutrition Zoom Programme at Boston Scientific covering nutritional topics and food relationships such as mood foods, immune foods, food balance etc. Mary also supplied simple recipes and key nutritional information at the end of each session. The energy and positivity Mary brought was great. The virtual sessions were popular amongst employees and were a welcome distraction during COVID-19. I would highly recommend.” – Gary Lane – Boston Scientific.  Cork

What we said: Boston Scientific are one of the world’s largest Medical Device Companies with a very large workforce with multiple needs, expectations and wellness requirements. A Wellness Solution needs to be highly relevant and engaging to have real IMPACT for these employees. Mary looks forward to supporting this Company again in the future.

Corporate Programmes Nutrition Mary Carmody

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